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1245 North 7th Street
Memphis, TN 38107

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Our Team


Bill Courtney

President/Chief Executive Officer

Tom Dowling

Chief Financial Officer



Will Donoho

Asian, Mexican and Middle Eastern Sales Manager

John Hise

European Sales Manager

J.K. O'Brien

Canadian and Western US Sales Manager

Jim Tipton

Central and Eastern US Sales Manager


Operations + Maintenance

Doug Johnson

Operations Manager

James Clements

Maintenance Manager

Phillip Reeder

Production Line Manager

Daryl Gee

Production Line Manager

Kieth Kutz

Production Line Manager

Sam Quinn

Production Line Manager

Mike Marshall

Production Line Manager

Cliff Hart

Greenyard Stacker Manager

Gary Matthews

Jack Everett

Dry Kiln Manager

PJ Flemming

Power Plant Manager


Lumber Purchasing

Heath Long

Lumber Purchasing Manager


Shipping + Receiving

Bradley Fleming

Shipping and Receiving Manager

Melissa Byrd

International Freight

Renee Williford

Domestic Freight